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Northeastern Colorado Association of Local Governments (NECALG) is the operator of the Bustang Outrider Routes between Sterling, Colorado and Greeley, Colorado / Denver, Colorado.

This route begins in Sterling every week day. The route goes to Greeley on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and to Denver on Tuesday and Thursday. You may visit the Bustang Outrider webpage for information regarding route times and pricing.

Our goal with the Outrider program is to outperform expectations in customer service and ridership. We would love to need to add additional buses or larger buses to the schedule to better serve you, our clients. This service provides a low cost way for you to get from our service area to Greeley or Denver, and points along the way.


A pleasant riding experience for all of our patrons is what we strive for. We respectfully

request that you follow these etiquette guidelines to help achieve that goal:

  • Be ready for your ride and at your designated bus stop early

  • Pets are not allowed unless they are service animals. Please refer to our service animal policy found under ADA Policy Statement

  • No eating or drinking allowed

  • No use of tobacco products allowed, including chew or vaping

  • No obscene or foul language

  • Personal radios/CD players must be turned off or used with headphones

  • Children must be removed from strollers before boarding

  • Seat belts are provided for your safety and are required when available

  • Please respect priority seating areas for seniors and persons with disabilities

  • Please report suspicious objects or behavior to the driver

  • Please ask the drivers if you have any questions. We are here to serve you and are always happy to help!

  • Drivers may not leave the vehicle to assist riders with the exception of boarding or unloading from the bus


**To file a grievance, please fill out the appropriate form below and return it to the Transportation Department.


NECALG may allow reasonable modification of its policies to accommodate the special needs of persons with disabilities in order to allow them to fully utilize our services as required by 49 CFR Part 37.5(i.3). 

Whenever possible a request for a reasonable modification or accommodation shall be filed/requested in advance by contacting us or submitting the Reasonable Modification Request Form.

Requests for reasonable modifications or accommodations will not be approved if the request would: fundamentally alter the nature of the service, program, or activity; create a direct threat to the health or safety of others; result in an undue financial and administrative burden; or the individual would still be able to fully use the services provided by Mountain Ride without the modification. Individuals with disabilities may file complaints regarding reasonable modification or accommodation below by completing the form or by contacting County Express or Prairie Express directly.

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