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The Northeastern Colorado Association of Local Governments is a voluntary association of county and municipal governments from Logan, Morgan, Phillips, Sedgwick, Washington and Yuma Counties. The Agency's purpose is to promote cooperation and coordination among local governments in Northeastern Colorado for the efficient use of public resources to improve the quality of life.

NECALG was started in Wray, Colorado in 1972 operating in the newly designated Planning and Management Region One. By the mid 1980’s NECALG moved away from planning and turned more to direct services.  CSBG, Weatherization, and Area Agency on Aging were the core grants, Enterprise Zone was a key economic development project that was added then. Smaller projects came and went as directed by the board over the years. Currently NECALG is providing services of CSBG, Enterprise Zone, Area Agency on Aging, Transportation, Single Entry Point, Nutrition and ADRC. 


Be Transparent:      NECALG will be accessible, candid and transparent in the work we do. 

Be Courageous:      NECALG will be bold in the risks that they take to provide the needed service to its                                                      community.

Lead by Example:   NECALG is devoted to integrity and equality in working with the diverse needs of its                                                    community.

Make and Impact:   NECALG goal is to make an impact in our community in each service we provide. 


 To Protect and improve the quality of life for our community, and for future generations.  


To provide the best service to the citizens of Northeastern Colorado through a inclusive collaboration of the services we provide


NECALG is governed by a 16 member Board if Directors comprised of community leaders from all around the six county region. The board meets on the third Wednesday of each month at the Fort Morgan office. These meeting are open to the public, please call the office for information about attending.


Gordon Westhoff,  Morgan County Commissioner 


Tom Timm, Phillips County Commissioner


Mike Leerar, Yuma County Commissioner



Kent Vance,  Washington County Commissioner

Board Members

Jerry Sonnenberg - Logan County Commissioner

Kevin Blankenship - Sterling City Manager

Howard McCormick - Sedgwick County Commissioner

Charlene Turner - Sedgwick County Municipality

Adam Gates - Yuma County Commissioner

Marcus Shay - Yuma County Municipality

Ancillary Members

Trae Miller - Logan County Economic Development

Kristin Clifford-Basil - Morgan County Economic Development

Rhonda Graham - Sedgwick County Economic Development

Josh Gibbs - Workforce Center

Dr. Curt Freed - Morgan County Community College

Dr. Jay Lee - Northeastern Junior College

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