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Options for Long-term Care

Toolkit for Case Management Redesign

Your Need to Know Information

Options for Long-Term Care (OLTC/SEP) is a Medicaid program that provides functional assessments and on-going case management for individuals who are in need of long-term care services.  We cover six counties in Northeast Colorado including Logan, Morgan, Phillips, Sedgwick, Washington and Yuma. 


As an agency, we coordinate a spectrum of services that provides choices to individuals with disabling functional conditions and limited finances so they can continue to live in their own homes or in other community settings, as alternatives to nursing home care. 


We understand that sometimes needs go beyond medical and behavioral care, that’s why we have fully trained, professional case managers to help you get the services you need. 


We have several waiver programs to choose from that are designed to meet the needs of those we service. 

Waivers include:   Elderly, Blind and Disabled, Brain Injured, Developmentally Disabled, Community Mental Health Support and Children with Life Limiting Illness. 


SEP/OLTC requires both medical (functional) and financial eligibility to qualify for the program.  Once eligibility is established, Medicaid will pay the cost of all of the required services.

Target Groups and Ages Covered for Home and Community Based Services

  • Brain Injured (age 16-64)

  • Developmentally Disabled (age 18 and over)

  • Frail Elderly, Blind, Disabled (age 18 and over)

  • Mental Health (age 18 & over)

  • Children with Life Limiting Illness (age 0-18)

Services Offered

  • Case Management

  • Housekeeping

  • Meal Preparation

  • Personal Care

  • Consumer Directed Services

  • Assisted Living

  • Adult Day Services

  • Electronic Monitors/Med Minders

  • Respite Care

  • Home Modifications (i.e. ramps, lifts, grab bars, bathrooms, widen doorways,some kitchen modifications and tract systems, Etc.)

  • Home Care Allowance

  • Relative Personal Care

  • Non–Medical Transportation

How Do I Qualify?

Eligibility for all programs is based on financial need as well as functional disability criteria.

  • Applicants must first apply for Health First Colorado (Medicaid).

  • A referral is then made to SEP/OLTC for intake and assessment.

  • A case manager must assess the applicant’s functional eligibility & create a service plan with the applicant that will meet the needs for safety and well-being in the setting of choice.

  • Applicants under age 65 must meet federal disability requirements


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