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Providing programs and services to residents of Logan, Morgan, Phillips, Sedgwick, Washington and Yuma Counties in Colorado

The Northeastern Colorado Association of Local Governments is a voluntary association of county and municipal governments from Logan, Morgan, Phillips, Sedgwick, Washington and Yuma Counties. As specified in the Articles of Association, the Agency's purpose is to promote cooperation and coordination among local governments in Northeastern Colorado for the efficient use of public resources to improve the quality of life.


There is no universal model for regional councils of governments. There are 14 regional governmental associations within Colorado. All are different and unique because each reflects the needs and desires of its membership. NECALG is what its members want it to be, according to the changing needs and opportunities unique to the region.


NECALG was started in Wray, Colorado in 1972 operating in the newly designated Planning and Management Region One.  In 1977 the organization moved to Sterling, Colorado to be more centralized in the Region.  By this time NECALG was working on economic development projects and Area Agency on Aging, community Action and Winterization.  Grants were written to start the early version of 911 in Sterling and the initial grants were started to start regional transportation. 


In 1982 the Board chose to move again to Fort Morgan.  In the mid 1980’s NECALG moved away from planning and turned more to direct services.  CSBG, Weatherization, and Area Agency on Aging were the core grants, Enterprise Zone was a key economic development project that was added in the Mid-1980s.


Smaller projects came and went as directed by the board over the years and currently NECALG is providing services of CSBG, Enterprise Zone, Area Agency on Aging, Transportation, Single Entry Point, Nutrition and ADRC. 


In 2020, after 40 years of service to NECALG and Northeast Colorado HJ Greenwood retired bringing the seventh Executive Director Kenneth D. Mooney Jr.


Offering fixed-route services in Sterling and reservation based curb to curb services throughout the 6 counties we serve plus travel to Front Range metro areas.



Providing health services programs for low income individuals within our Community.

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Eastern Transit Planning Region (ETPR)

The Eastern TPR represents Cheyenne, Elbert, Kit Carson, Lincoln, Logan, Phillips, Sedgwick, Washington and Yuma Counties. It is the TPR's responsibility to ensure that our area's transportation needs and priorities are recognized, made easily accessible, and communicated to the public and key transportation decision makers. The Regional Transportation Plan accomplishes this. It recognizes current needs and priorities while formulating solutions to keep pace with regional growth and changing conditions. A regional Transportation Plan that reflects the overall priorities and needs for our area is vital at a time of limited funding for transportation. The plan is intended to be a living, useful document that is referred to when transportation decisions are being made and as the TPR implements the action items listed in the final chapter of the document. You are invited to attend meetings to familiarize yourself with the Region's transportation needs and priorities and the challenges that we face that are important now and into the future. If you are interested in attending either the ETPR or  meetings, please email Kenneth at



The Area Agency on Aging provides support service for older adults age 60 + in our community.

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Our Single Entry Point Program provides  a person-centered process where individuals, family members, and caregivers are supported to develop a plan for addressing long-term services and support needs that aligns with their preferences, strengths, values, and needs.

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Northeastern Colorado Association of Local Governments

Deadline 08/14/23

Ride Free in August
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Board Meetings

Third Wednesday of Every Month

10:00am - 12:00pm

Odd months are in person at 231 Main St. Fort Morgan

Even months are on line 

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